Leadership Skills

Dynamic career and leadership training programs are offered so students can make a meaningful impact and help invite positive change for their families, communities and the world.

Leadership Skills

Career and leadership training programs are one of the key elements to help break the cycle of poverty for individuals, families and communities, basic education is important but with out the skills necessary to get a paying job students will go back to the same impoverished lifestyle they were born in to. Learning vocational and leadership skills give students the ability to improve their own, their families and communities lives.

The path to independence begin by guiding students to various education programs that helps them gain knowledge and equally important real skills to sustain them in the future. By our investing in who they are and a life of fulfillment the students are then able to invest in themselves and their community.

Our career and leadership skills programs builds on individual students interests offering them career and leadership paths in those areas. Some students seek a university education while others students are interested in more immediate work opportunities. The numerous training options are designed to motivate continued learning, encourage success and confidence and in the process help our students gain independence with positive self-esteem along with important life skills.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation helps support and develop several areas of vocational training, including computer technology, nursing, carpentry, electrical and plumbing trades, sewing and clothing design. Vocational training programs not only provides the skills needed to make a living for the young people who attend, it provides motivation and inspiration to the children in school to continue on in their education.

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the worlds problems” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our leadership programs help to motivate students to become models of social change in their communities and to develop and build personal confidence & self esteem.

We provide students with the tools to develop positive attitudes and become confident members of their community who can inspire, motivate and empower others to break free from generations of poverty.

We teach and inspire social responsibility, helping students to become compassionate global members of society who can make a difference in their communities and participate in community outreach at local, national and global levels. Organizational skills provide students with the capacity to be effective leaders and team players with the ability to work together and organize communities to make positive changes.

Students are taught essential social and leadership skills that enable them to plan and set personal goals for the future, to deal with change, solve problems and improve their view of the future, they learn to become independent and motivated individuals that give back to their community and inspire others to learn to help themselves.