Fundraising is fun!

You really can help make a difference

There are many wonderful ways to fundraise for our cause, whether you are creating an event, like a marathon or walkathon, hosting a silent auction, having a party or giving a talk at a local school or organization, the key is it should be fun and interesting.

Timely, themed fundraising events and campaigns are a great way to engage your supporters and to motivate them to take action in ways that are relevant to their daily activities and lives. Fundraising is a great way to connect with friends and meet new people, its easier than you think and the rewards benefit everyone.

For large fundraising events and pier to pier fundraising we will even work with you to setup a fundraising campaign on our website, which will allow donations to be made directly to your campaign via our donation platform. We will provide you with all the support you need, and we may even be able to profile your fundraising activities on our social media channels.

Interesting in hosting a fundraising event, we can send you a guide for fundraising ideas and ways to help support the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation with your own fundraising projects. For more information please contact us: