Thank you for your donation, you have made a gift that truly makes a difference and will have a direct positive influence on the lives of the children and their families living in poverty around Bodhgaya in Northern India.

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Education is essential for human development, starting with play schools for young children all the way through high school and beyond we bring important educational programs and nurture the imagination of children living in impoverished villages around Bodhgaya that would normally have very little opportunities for a future of hope and prosperity.

Healthcare for those who are poor and have very little can mean disaster, their level of poverty often prevents them from going to a hospital or seeking any type of medical intervention. We provide free healthcare to children, families and community members, offering medical and dental services to over 2000 people in the Bodhgaya area every year.

When children receive good education, proper nutrition and loving kindness they can become leaders that help lift their families and whole communities out of poverty. We choose the name Bodhi Tree for our Educational Foundation because the Bodhi Tree is an international symbol of compassion, wisdom and peace.

Thanks again for your generosity and for being part of the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation.