Community Development

Community Development

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-Albert Einstein

Community Development

Community development programs have been created for children and their families, offering important assistance and support through specially designed outreach assistance and projects.

We recognize that a thriving community is a important necessity for healthy and happy children. Which is why many of our programs are focused on supporting community development in the villages we help.

Our Bodhi Tree School and play schools are a major part of this commitment. We also develop and support community centers for health care and education, local libraries, community newspapers, nutritional programs and safe birth initiatives. All of these projects interconnect to create a framework that will support each generation of children and create a better life for all those who live in the community.

We help with planing roads, sanitation and safe drinking water projects to remote underserved villages around Bodhgaya. Another major health concern in the villages is indoor air pollution, traditional cooking methods use biomass fuels inside homes without any ventilation, this poses a serous health risk to everyone.

“The Low Smoke Chulha Stove has important social, health, economical and environmental benefits”.

Low Smoke Chulha Stove

Because much of the cooking in rural India is done indoors in environments that lack proper ventilation, millions of people, primarily poor women and children face serious health risks. Globally, 4.3 million deaths were attributed to exposure to IAP in developing countries in 2012. India accounts for 80% of premature deaths that occur in south-east Asia annually. Nearly 70% of rural households in India don’t have proper stove ventilation. (World Health Organization)

The Low Smoke Chulha Stove is an important solution to enable healthy indoor cooking. This stove has been developed to fight the ill-effects of indoor air-pollution (IAP), a silent threat that is the cause of respiratory problems in many rural households of India.

Low Smoke Chulha Stove has many advantages over traditional stoves. Apart from providing a safer cooking environment, the stove is easy to use and maintain, and can be used with traditional biomass as fuel.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation produces and distributes the stoves at no cost to hundreds of families in villages around Bodhgaya. The stove production uses local materials and creates local jobs.

The Low Smoke Chulha Stove has important social, health, economical and environmental benefits. Foremost benefits of the Low Smoke Stove is that it provides a safer home environment for families, reduces the risk of early death and respiratory illness, while supporting traditional fuels and culturally excepted ways of cooking.