About Us

About Us

We are an organization committed to helping improve the
lives of children and their families living in poverty.

Our Philosophy

When children receive good education and caring support they can become leaders that help lift their families and whole communities out of the needless cycle of poverty. Through long-term investment in children we help students build the skills, confidence and wisdom they need to become leaders of change in their communities and the world.

Since 2009 we have been in Bodhgaya India helping thousands of children and their families live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We deliver quality education and proper healthcare along with family and community support programs to those that need it most.

“We believe that all human beings have the right to a life of dignity, prosperity and self fulfillment”

Bodhgaya is located in the Northern India state of Bihar, the villages around Bodhgaya have been living in poverty for multiple generations. Bihar is considered one of the poorest and most impoverished areas in India, this is where we work.

Our award winning Bodhi Tree School is at the heart of our educational programs, along with building play schools for children in the local villages, vocational training and adult literacy education, we offer a complete lifetime of learning for everyone.

Through a range of integrated programs that focus on 4 core areas – Education, Healthcare, Community Development and Leadership – We bring important resources and holistic solutions to the complex issues of poverty.