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Bodhi Tree Schools

Bodhi Tree Schools offer quality education for both boys and girls in the rural areas of Bodhgaya, they are an essential component to improving the lifestyle of all in the communities. The Bodhi Tree Schools provide classes for both genders in all the basic academic topics, as well as practical life skills and spiritual support. The schools are inclusive; gender, religion and caste make no difference to a child’s welcome. Teachers at the Schools are primarily from the local area, and the goal is that future teachers will be the Bodhi Tree School graduates themselves.

Beyond the obvious and very important role of providing scholastic education for the children of impoverished regions, the Bodhi Tree Schools create the center of a network of far-reaching influences for the communities of the children that attend them. By becoming a center for learning that extends beyond just the academic, the Schools provide opportunities for growth to all community members. Each Bodhi Tree School interacts with others in neighboring communities, and fosters an inter-dependence that increases the resources available to all.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation network of Bodhi Tree Schools are a source of pride to the children who attend, their families, the teachers and administrators, and the people of the village it is part of, the Bodhi Tree School is the mortar that binds together the people of the community as they become a thriving self-sufficient entity with the resources to reach out and help their neighbors grow as well.